Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music Mondays - Faze (Tatoo Girls)

For Music Mondays, here is a great rnb track from Faze! Please follow with the lyrics below. Ladies and gentlemen, i give you, Mr Originality - Faze

Artiste(s): Faze
Title: Tattoo Girls
Album: Independent
Genre: RnB
Year Realeased: 2006

Where them dey?

Something about you
Where are my tattoo girls
I gbadu your tattoo
Where them dey

Baby girl, there's something about you
The first thing is that I gbadun your tattoo
You smell well when you get this perfume
Can I get to know you
Your belly ring, girl, I am liking that one too
And the way you swing it, come let me hold you
All these things that I like about you
Most especially your tattoo, girl

Girl [where dem dey]
la la la la la
I like your tattoo, girl,
oh girl, oh girl, oh girl

Baby girl, you can call me daddy
Shey you no mind if I call you mami
The way you swing, you fit pai somebody
cos your body is calling me
Excuse me if I sound so nasty
Can I touch the belly ring on your flat tummy
Draw nearer, baby girl, I wanna see your tattoo
The way you shake that thing on me makes me wanna go crazy
Girl, while you shake it, take it slow
I wanna see your tattoo clearly
Shey na cross [cross]
abi na heart [heart]
with an arrow piercing from the top [top]
Abi na rose or butterfly
All I wanna see is my tattoo girl, girl

[lyrics from]

Show me the place where you place that tattoo
E go sexy if e dey your chest and your back too
How many you get, she na one or na two
Can I see your tattoo
Girl, I like it, when you flaunt it, flaunt it
Can I touch it, while you flaunt it, flaunt it
So sexy, makes me want it, want it
Touch it, bring it, busta style
The way you whip that thing on me makes me wanna go crazy
Girl, while you shake it, take it slow
I wanna see your tattoo clearly
Shey na Capricorn, Sagittarius
Abi your guy name na im dey on top
Show me your zodiac, or another sign
Whether Indian, Japanese, I love them tattoo girls, girl


I like it, whats written behind
I like it, tell me who do this design
I like it, girl, it's so fine
and I don't mind that

REPEAT VERSE 1 (till fade)

[African girls, American girls, UK girls, where them dey
Brazilian girls, Asian girls, European girls, ...
Jamaican girls, Puerto Rican girls, Korean girls, Ghana girls, Italian girls
My Senegalese girls, where them dey
Russian girls, Chinese girls, my Nigerian girls, where una dey]

Something about you
I gbadun your tattoo

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